Menu Boards


We’ve been working on some creative things.

One of which is a new menu board.

The one we have now needs updated.
A few prices that have changed.
Also, we’re adding a couple items to the menu shortly.

We would LOVE to have your feedback on our designs.

Please leave a comment letting us know which one gets your vote!

Or perhaps there’s just that one thing missing…..let us know!

Thank You! ๐Ÿ™‚


Business Cards

So, we’ve been looking at making business cards & are hoping for some feedback. Here are some of our ideas thus far, let us know what you think.

Is there anything missing?

Does something really catch your eye? Don’t be shy! Just say it like it is! This is your chance to provide some honest feedback…now how many businesses actually want that…?? Not too many that we’ve come across ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We want to make sure that when we are handing these out, or that when they get passed from person to person that something on there is going to catch your eye & make you want to call or stop by. Cuz that’s just what we want you to do!
We tried incorporating our heritage by including the Mexican colors. We’ve tried to give a good feel for the food by including pictures. Are there perhaps colors that would catch your attention better? Food that would look more appetizing?
In case you haven’t noticed, these are mainly directed towards our potential catering customers. That’s where we feel they would be used most. However if you have ideas for person to person use as well – by all means, don’t hold back!!
OH! and thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


Are you looking for some great, cheap, fast mexican food? ย Real mexican food…..well, look no further!! Ochoa’s Lupita’s Tacos has just what you’re looking for! Whether you want a quick lunch that doesn’t leave your check book in the red, an afternoon snack that won’t put you to sleep, or dinner that doesn’t leave you in the kitchen washing dishes….it can be found here.

We have (among other things) $1 tacos on homemade tortillas, fresh tamales, chunky pozole & refreshing horchata.

The meats we carry for our delicious tacos include:

  • asada – beef
  • carnitas- roasted pork
  • al pastor – marinated pork
  • chorizo – mexican sausage
  • pollo – chicken
  • tripas – beef guts
  • cabeza – beef head
  • lengua – beef tongue
  • chicharon – pork rind in red sauce
  • birria de chivo – goat stew
  • mole – chicken in mole sauce
  • milanesa – breaded steak
  • sesos – beef brain
  • We don’t only make tacos though. We also have combos to suit anyone’s needs. The other items we make are:

  • enchiladas
  • tacos
  • quesadillas
  • tortas
  • burritos
  • tamales
  • All come with rice & beans & cost only $6.

    On Saturdays we have pozole, & on Sundays we have menudo. During the cold months, we have champurado. Daily we have horchata & an ice chest full of jarritos.

    Of course no taco (or any of our food really) would be complete without toppings…so we offer a salad / condiment bar. You of course top your own food to your liking.

    Our fresh toppings include:

  • onion
  • cilantro
  • shredded lettuce
  • limes
  • cactus salad
  • guacamole
  • radishes
  • red sauce
  • a red & a green tomatillo sauce
  • jalapeno sauce
  • curtido

We are located at 9549 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy in Beaverton, OR. You can get to us on trimet too….bus line 54 at Jamieson.
We are open Mon, Tue, Thur, 12pm – 10pm & Fri, Sat, Sun 11am – 11pm. We are closed on Wednesdays as of right now.
We also offer catering services! We’ve done events such as graduations, birthday parties & sporting events. To inquire about catering for your event, call (503)841-4545.

We’re sure that you know same as we do that anyone can toot their own horn….so we aren’t asking you to believe just us. Check out our customer reviews on sites like yelp and urban spoon & decide for yourself.