Business Cards

So, we’ve been looking at making business cards & are hoping for some feedback. Here are some of our ideas thus far, let us know what you think.

Is there anything missing?

Does something really catch your eye? Don’t be shy! Just say it like it is! This is your chance to provide some honest feedback…now how many businesses actually want that…?? Not too many that we’ve come across 😦

We want to make sure that when we are handing these out, or that when they get passed from person to person that something on there is going to catch your eye & make you want to call or stop by. Cuz that’s just what we want you to do!
We tried incorporating our heritage by including the Mexican colors. We’ve tried to give a good feel for the food by including pictures. Are there perhaps colors that would catch your attention better? Food that would look more appetizing?
In case you haven’t noticed, these are mainly directed towards our potential catering customers. That’s where we feel they would be used most. However if you have ideas for person to person use as well – by all means, don’t hold back!!
OH! and thank you in advance 🙂


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  1. The one with the large picture of the taco is mouthwatering, and my favorite. Perhaps you could put the colors of the flag in the background of the black type on the left of the image?

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